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Zoomobile - Bluetooth Control Car

March 2020 - May 2020

Zoomobile is a vehicle that takes its design inspiration from traditional military tanks. It gets its name from the zebra-patterned treads and the growing popularity of the video chatting application, Zoom, during the quarantine period it was made in. It uses a Romeo BLE board to allow for users to control it from their mobile phones through Bluetooth.

Due to the sudden shift of everything going remote, access to the Makerspace was no longer allowed. This brought upon a new challenge of creativity to utilize materials lying around the house.

Zoomobile has become my favorite quarantine project and toy.

Design Process - a photo documentation

The Fundamentals

Goal: Have all the electrical aspects working.


Goal: Utilize materials at hand to characterize vehicle.

Low Fidelity

Goal: Incorporate the continuous tread.

Mid Fidelity

Goal: Compress vehicle parts and allow for easy use.

High Fidelity

Goal: Clean up vehicle.